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iBasso TYPE-C DAC is not working in S10+

(Topic created on: 14-10-2019 04:38 AM)



I've tried connecting my iBasso DC02 USB Type-C DAC on my new phone Galaxy S10+, however, no USB device can be detected  (But my DAC is working on my other smartphones - Huawei mate 20 Pro and LG G5).

Already tried to select different options in the USB configuration under developer mode, but the problem persists.


I have to connect the DAC and restart the phone,  and it will work every time.   But once I detach the DAC and connect it back,  it fails again....................................................................................


Any ideas? Thanks.



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Am on the S7+ Tablet. Have the same issue with the iBasso DCO3. This solution did not work for me.Worked once and then didn't after that. Not a permanent Solution

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Hello there. I found other way for connecting my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung Tab S7+ with iBasso DC03 immediately, WITHOUT rebooting. For success connection we need using compatible a USB Hub with USB-C type. I use Baseus Metal Gleam Searies 8 in1 for this method. At first of all we need unlock our Samsung device, this not work on lock screen. And start:

 1. Connect iBasso to Baseus hub in USB - C port. 

2. CONNECT the Baseus hub to the Samsung device. 

3. We look that the LEDs on the hub and DAC are lit (power has come). 

4. Then disconnect iBasso dc03 from Baseus hub. 

5. Disconnect the Baseus hub from the Samsung device. 

6. Connect iBasso dc03 to Samsung and you're done!  The DAC is picked up without a reboot. 

Important !  You need to switch iBasso from the hub directly to Samsung without turning the wire over.  With which side it was connected to the hub up, connect it to the Samsung device with the same side up. 

I hope this method will help Samsung owners. 

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I found another solution to use iBasso DAC on old Samsung Galaxy phones. You can connect your DAC to any type c power bank or notebook or power adapter and then quickly disconnect and connect to your Samsung phone. Your have enought time to do this.

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Hello, I found another solution to use iBasso DAC on smasnug phones. I have iBasso DC03 Pro and Samsung S10e, same results when plugging the dac directly on the phone. What I've found is to connect first the OTG cable only  to the phone, then connect the iBasso dac on the other end of the OTG. This will let the system check the OTG if there is any device, then it will light up the iBasso DAC immediately since it sends some power. U could check it if ur phone screen is locked, after u've inserted only the OTG Cable first, the screen will lit up, then u could connect the iBasso dac in order to work. 

Also, another way is the powerbank method as said by another commenter in this thread. That was the time when I have no clue to power up the dac, before I find the other way around. Proud to see that some of us are willing to push the limits in terms of audio enthusiasm by buying DACs. Thanks and happy listening guys! 

TL;DR - Connect only the OTG cables first, then connect the iBasso DAC on the other end of the OTG cable in order to work.