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Galaxy S21 Plus Camera Issues

(Topic created on: 09-06-2021 07:20 PM)

Hello everyone, I just made an account to ask some questions and maybe get some help.

I bought the S21 + and decides to take some pics and videos with it. 4K60fps Video and the photos with the default camera app and default settings. The video was looking like its1080p but that's being very kind .... and when i decided to zoom in even a tiny bit the image looks like it's 720p same with the pictures. Instantly i decided to update to the May update, checked the cams again but the improvements were super tiny. I mean my mom's S7 Edge takes better video at oy 4K30 fps and that phone is super old. I own the S21+ 256GB Phantom Black Exynos and i came from an iPhone 8 Plus 256GB. Besides the screen and battery life I must say I'm dissapointed. I'm honestly telling you people that the photos and videos look bad, I really want to love this phone, some photos turn out extremely amazin but only in perfect lighting conditions and when the subject is perfectly still. And the 8K video is a joke... like It looks like a super upscaled 720p even my ancient Galaxy A5 2016 1080p video looks 10x better. I noticed online that only the Exynos SOC has any sort of problems the Snapdragon is fine. Also my device is very hot sometimes for no reason at all. My iPhone 8 Plus after 10 mins of 4K60 fps gets a bit warm 😔 I'm trying really hard to love this phone. I'm praying that the June update will fix my issues, honestly they just look like the cameras record the videos in super low bitrate. I mean a crisp 4K 60fps video should be around 50mb/s 🤷‍♂️
Samsung please please fix these problems with the June update or maybe when Android 12 comes around. I really love the design, screen and battery life don't make me switch back to Apple, even though they actually use the cameras in apps like Instagram,Snapchat... not screenshot and video record instead of actually taking a pic or taking a video, but that's on Android's side not Samsung's 🥺
Wrote this 1 day ago found other issues, lowlight pics look very bad, today i took some pics in the car anf there was plently light for the photo to look very good but it looked very grainly and lacked any detail, my 3yo iPhone 8 Plus takes the pic just perfectly.
Another issue, sometimes the camera takes a pic but there is a line that makes the image beyond that look too dark.