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Galaxy S21 FE firmware are here, and it runs Android 12!

(Topic created on: 09-12-2021 10:04 AM)

The Galaxy S21 FE is Samsung’s worst kept secret this year. It was originally supposed to be released in 2021 but that’s not going to happen. Samsung is now expected to release the device early next year.

There’s no reason to believe that the Galaxy S21 FE won’t be launched. Ample evidence has surfaced to support its impending arrival. We now have the Galaxy S21 FE firmware available as well, and surprise, it runs Android 12 out of the box!

Galaxy S21 FE comes with Android 12 out of the box

This is certainly great news for anybody waiting to buy the Galaxy S21 FE. They will be able to experience the latest version of Android on the device in addition to One UI 4.0, the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom skin.

That’s not the only benefit they will get, though. The Galaxy S21 FE will understandably be on the list of Samsung phones that get three OS upgrades. This means that the Galaxy S21 FE will be supported until Android 15.


It’s a bit ironic considering that the same level of support won’t be provided to any other handset in the Galaxy S21 series. The Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra all launched with Android 11 onboard. They have only just received the Android 12 update and despite being confirmed to receive three OS upgrades, they’ll only be supported until Android 14.

That’s one of the ways that customers can justify buying the Galaxy S21 FE. It needs every bit of help it can get anyway, launching so close to the Galaxy S22 lineup as it is. You can head over to our firmware section to check out the Galaxy S21 FE firmware we have available. It won’t be of much use until the handset actually comes out, though.