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Facebook App in Constant State of Requesting Approval

(Topic created on: 04-01-2022 10:55 PM)
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I just purchased the Samsung 21+ on 12/21/21 and have been in a continuous feedback loop of approval for my phone. I have tried every single approval option for 30-90 minutes at a time, often multiple times per day. I have removed the app and installed it multiple times. I even changed my pw on my laptop and tried again (as was suggested by Verizon) and nothing. In fact, now (since changing the pw) I can't access Facebook on my work phone (and yes, I do use it for my job). I have removed the cache, force stopped the app, uninstalled, and reinstalled on my personal phone to no avail.  Is the only option a factory reset at this point? What do I do if that doesn't work? 

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Facebook and whatsapp have been buggy with Android 12.

Also not sure if it's anything to do with their name change to Meta.

Also could be your work stuff is not playing nice with FB.

Do check app permissions in permission manager.

You could try a Wipe Cache and repair apps below that.

Or worse case senario Reset and manually add all apps.
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Are you able to access Facebook via your Url browser @mindelei  ? 

Which might be an interim solution.

I do this as I find the Facebook App too intrusive and a resource hog. 

When you uninstall Facebook from your phone please also launch the Playstore and delete it from your library as this way your them downloading a fresh copy of the app.

There is also Facebook Lite if that app is available in your region.

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