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Display turns black or green when turning the display on and off quickly (video included)

(Topic created on: 13-05-2022 12:01 PM)

Hi everyone,

I have an annoying problem since months with my phone.

Basically if I turn my phone screen off and on again the display is mainly black with a small visibly line on top of the display, but with a green stain. I tried factory reset, always on display, but it didn't help. The only workaround at the moment is to wait around 5 seconds until I turn it on again. 

I experimented a little bit and found out that it has something to do with the brightness settings. If the phone display runs normal I can change the brightness settings without any problems, but if I turn the phone screen off and on quickly and then change the brightness settings weird the screen is more or less visible, depending on the brightness level. 

If brightess = high = display visible but with green stain

If brightess = normal = display turns black with a small spot on top with green stain

If brightess = low = display barely visible, but more than with normal brightness

I've made a video of it so you can see it yourself.


Any suggestions what the problem is and how I could solve it?