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Camera Pro mode in the ONE UI And personal thoughts on the UI

(Topic created on: 15-04-2019 07:42 AM)
Is There anything we can do to get the filters back added into pro mode. It was the best way to honestly take pictures with my s9+. I personally don't like the slide bar feature that they have now for it. Even then with the old update you could've changed the lighting as long as you know what you was doing. But honestly this update flipped a lot of things and not just my favorite feature of the camera. And is it to much to ask to be able to save your own presets profiles for different lighting situations not just save one preset cause it doesn't apply to all lighting situations you're in. The one ui did bring more simplistic things but it did flip a lot of things that was just fine from the older UI. I can go On and on about the features I wish they brought back and what I hope for the next update. But honestly this is a real awkward step that they took and it's obvious a lot of people didn't like this ONE UI update. My word on this doesn't mean nothing to Samsung. They already have my money. I just hope with the next ui they actually listen to the people and keep the features we like from old and new updates... And not remove features and shortcuts we all came to love.. Cause honestly on my end of things... The whole camera change was a lazy switch up from the old update. Let's see how this Q update is going. At this time it's in beta