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Camera: Directors View formerly know as Dual Camera.

(Topic created on: 15-01-2022 11:01 PM)
SAMSUNG!!! You have let me down with this one!🤯🤯😱😱😱😱

On my last Samsung device (S7), I had the dual camera mode which I thought was a fantastic feature on the phone. Since migrating all my data from my last phone to my S21+, all my video footage filmed using the old dual camera mode is no longer the same. Before I could simultaneously switch between both front and rear camera footage. Now I only have the footage from the rear camera and the front camera footage is no longer available in my gallery. Technically I have lost half the footage of all dual camera footage. This is very disappointing as I tried to reedem the footage by transferring them back to my S7 and there was no difference. The front camera footage has seemingly gone! I'm have to say, being disappointed is an understatement. Some great holiday footage I can't redeem and to top it off Directors View doesn't work like Dual camera.
Example, playback of a Directors View videos doesn't allow you to simultaneously switch between cameras during playback like dual camera does. For example, the big screen or rear camera footage (primary) previously could switch to the small screen front camera footage (secondary) during playback which was cool. Directors View doesn't have this feature.
More importantly the footage I have seemingly lost is so disappointing. Can my data be fully retrieved? Can Samsung redeem this issue?

Maybe a warning when transferring the data would have help as I could have saved both cameras footage as separate files. At least then I'd have the footage. Now I have the rear camera view onlyl. 😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭 😢😢😢😥😥😰😨😰😓😓😰