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How to define a Nordic home

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A lot has changed over the last few years, and interior design is no exception. Now more than ever, creating a warm, cozy living space is everyone’s priority. Given how much more time we all now spend at home, it’s only natural that there’s been a huge shift in interior design trends. We often hear and read about the Nordic homes and the Scandinavian design trends. In magazines, social media, stores and other interior design communities, both inside and outside the Nordic borders. A survey carried out by Samsung Nordic in 2021 clarifies what actually defines the Nordic home – according to the Scandinavians themselves.

The Nordic home and Scandinavian design are two established concepts frequently used in the Nordic countries and internationally. But, what defines a Nordic home? Samsung Nordic asked the Scandinavians to see what the concept means to them. According to the Swedes, light colors, high quality, and sustainable and classic design is what  defines the Nordic home.

Another thing that ranks highly on the Swedish and Norwegian top five list – is plants. The Danish and Finnish however, value a simplistic and natural home more. On Finland’s top five list, we also see wooden materials as an important element in the Nordic home.

At Samsung we know that interior design is something that the Nordic people value, which is why we aim to follow their interest for design and trends. A result of this is our broad selection of lifestyle products, with design and characteristics to suit our Nordic homes. Included are our lifestyle TV’s, that come in different shapes, colors and sizes to accommodate each person’s taste and style, says Magnus Nilsson, Product Manager at Samsung Sweden.

Design and electronics goes hand in hand

That we Scandinavians invest in quality and love design is clear in our choice of electronics, where 74 percent of the Swedes consider the TV a given part of their decor. Almost four out of ten Swedes also say that it is important that their TV has a specific design that aligns with the rest of the home decor.

- A modern Nordic home demands technology that works as an integrated detail. That is why we constantly work with developing products shaped to meet the different needs of our customers. In our selection of lifestyle TV’s there are models both for the ones who want unique design that sticks out, but also for those who prefer more discreet and simplistic design that blends in, says Magnus Nilsson, Product Manager at Samsung Sweden.

A great example of this is The Frame. Designed to be a TV when it’s on and a work of art when it’s off, it perfectly complements your décor with its customisable styles. You can even rotate it horizontally or vertically to view your content however you like. With the new matte display*, you’ll be able to enjoy more screen visibility, a wider range of colours, and improved contrast, delivered by Quantum HDR technology.

And last but by no means least, The Frame gives you a truly cinematic sound experience thanks to its supported Dolby Atmos technology.

*Supported by some models.

Another gem in the lifestyle TV range is The Serif, created by award-winning designers the Bouroullec Brothers. It combines cutting-edge technology with high-end design.

The Serif is a design statement: its signature “I”-profile will make an impact in any room. Its Ambient Mode+ turns the screen into a digital canvas where you can display beautiful pictures or even useful information, making it blend into your space like any other piece of furniture, or making it stand out, depending on your personal taste.

The Serif features Quantum Dot technology, and it’s HDR10+ provides incredible picture detail with vibrant colours and amazing brightness. Everything is upscaled to 4K picture quality, even if your content isn’t 4K. This means you can enjoy 4K picture quality regardless of the source.

With Active Voice Amplifier, The Serif detects distracting noises and automatically adjusts the volume to make sure you don’t miss any important moments.




Fore more information about Samsung Lifestyle TVs visit:

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Top results from the survey: This is what the Scandinavians associate with Nordic interior design


  1. Light colors
  2. High quality and sustainability
  3. Timeless, classic design
  4. Plants
  5. The room’s light and brightness


  1. Light colors
  2. The room’s light and brightness
  3. Plants
  4. High quality and sustainability
  5. Timeless, classic design


  1. The room’s light and brightness
  2. Light colors
  3. High quality and sustainability
  4. Timeless, classic design
  5. Simplistic and natural home decor


  1. The room’s light and brightness
  2. Light colors
  3. High quality and sustainability
  4. Simplistic and natural home decor
  5. Wooden materials in the home decor

The survey is conducted by Bilendi on behalf of Samsung Electronics Nordic. In total, 1000 Swedish people in the age 18-75 years took the survey with questions on home and technology. The survey was done in October 2021 in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The selection is representative based on gender, age and living location.

How do you define the Nordic home? Let us know in the comment section below!

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