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Take home a Louvre masterpiece with The Frame

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If someone asked you to name an art museum, where’s the first place that would come to mind? Some of you might think of the Prado in Madrid. Others might mention the Tate or the Tate Modern in London. The Uffizi Galleries in Florence might come to mind. But chances are, most of you would name the Musée du Louvre in Paris. The world’s most-visited museum holds some of the best-known artworks ever created: the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, Liberty Leading the People… In fact, the Louvre has about 38,000 objects on display, from prehistory to the 21st Century; from the most famous artworks to lesser-known treasures.


Now, Samsung has teamed up with the iconic Musée du Louvre to give you the chance to have some of these timeless masterpieces in your very own home! Thanks to this partnership, anyone who owns a The Frame smart TV will be able to explore the Louvre through 40 artworks and photos that have been added to the Art Store when you use your TV in Art Mode. Later this year, Samsung and the Louvre are planning to unveil even more exclusive content for The Frame users.


The selection added to the Art Store on The Frame includes works such as the Mona Lisa, The Wedding Feast at Cana, and The Coronation of Napoleon, as well as photos of the Louvre itself, its architecture, and its grounds, including the iconic Louvre Pyramid. Along with the artworks themselves, The Frame provides a short description of the artwork on the screen, giving you a glimpse into the background and history of the piece.


The Frame is designed to be a TV when it’s on and a work of art when it’s off. In the Art Store you can choose from a catalogue of over 1,500 artworks from 42 countries to display on your The Frame TV when it’s in art mode! With The Frame, you can visit world-class galleries and museums from the comfort of your own home.


Head over to the Samsung eStore  to find out more about The Frame and buy one so that you too can turn your living room into an art gallery.


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About the Louvre


The Louvre has been open to the public since 1793. Its collection is among the finest in the world, spanning thousands of years and a vast geographical range, from America to Asia and all points in between. After the French Revolution, the Musée du Louvre was conceived as a place where artists could admire great masters and look for inspiration. Today, the Louvre is still an inspiration for the greatest contemporary artists.


What artworks from the Louvre would you like to see on your the Frame TV? Let us know in the comments!


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