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Astrophotography with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Step by step guide

Emmi S
Community Manager

Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra by @vintergatan_photo and @karolbabinski 
Astrophotography with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera – is it possible? Our community members have tested our phone to put the camera to test and to share how to best take cool photos of a starry sky and the milky way.
However, there are some things to keep in mind when practicing astrophotography. Let’s get into it:
1) Choose right time of the year. Especially in Scandinavia timing is everything and choosing the right time of the year, direction and time of the day is crucial. Here you will find a guide for right timing:
2) Find a dark location. In order to best capture the sky a dark location is necessary, away from city lights and other disturbing lights. You can check a light pollution map (for example search for one on the internet) to see what locations that are the best, preferably with a ratio below 1.
3) Open the camera app. On your Samsung Galaxy device, use Pro Mode or Expert Raw with the following settings:

Shutter speed: 30 seconds
ISO: 3200
Manual focus: 0.8
White balance: 3700-4300K

Use a wide angle (1x) or Ultrawide angle (0.6x) to capture as much as possible.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 170529.jpg
4) Find a good spot and balance the phone. Since you are using long exposure, the phone needs to be well balanced and tilted towards the sky to capture as much as possible of the sky.

5) Start the exposure with the pen or with remote timer. You can also light the foreground in a subtle way if you want. Voila! Now you have stunning photos of the night sky.
Make sure to follow our community members for more amazing tips and tricks to take better photos! Are you going to try astrophotography? Let us know in the comments and share these tips with your Samsung buddies! 😊
 /The Community Team

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