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Community Member and Members Star @Nagarebozhi: “I have always been a gadget nerd!“

Emmi S
Community Manager


Let’s get to know our Samsung Community members a bit better! Lately our community user @Nagarebozhi have been extra helpful sharing tips and tricks here with other community users. He is also our newest Samsung Members Star - so of course we want to know more about him! 

profilbild samsung.JPGHow did you choose your nickname, what's the story behind it?
My nickname comes from a Japanese cartoon series that came to Sweden in the 80s, which I fell in love with. So when I got old enough to hang on the internet and play online games, the choice fell quite easily at Nagarebozhi where I replaced S with a Z because the name with an S was busy. I thought at that time it sounded cool and since then it has been with me for maybe 30 years or so.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
This question is the most difficult of them all hehe, but I will try to tell a little about myself. My name is Jimmy at the time of writing 39 years old, married since a few months ago and we have three children together; 3, 5 and 9 years old. I work as a truck driver and live in a small village in Sweden. I love to fish, spend time with the family and record and edit videos. Haha sounds like a contact ad but I hope that is okey!

How did you come to be passionate about technology, mobile phones and IT&C in general?
I have always been a bit of a gadget nerd, but my great interest in technology and the mobile world began to grow properly when Android started to come to the market. I remember when I had my old device back then, I flashed new roms, rooted and installed new themes on the phones, I also got the opportunity to be a test pilot for the old Galaxy S4 LTE and write review on it, so that was where the interest started properly. I hung out on Android forums and did guides etc. Then in recent days I started a Youtube channel where I did lots of challenges and stupidity, and there is where my interest in editing began. So yeah that is how my interest for tech took off!

What Samsung products do you currently use?
Today I use a Galaxy S23 Ultra as my main phone, a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Samsung K500 Trio Keyboard and a slightly older Samsung TV.

Which Samsung products have you used or are using that particularly impressed you?
I must be a bit boring here and say that all the new products I have bought from Samsung have impressed me, one way or another! But if I have to take a device that has really impressed me, it is the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The performance in it is beyond ordinary and not to mention the camera, photos and videos in it are absolutely incredible. A system camera is no longer needed when you can have an S23 Ultra.

How did you find out about Samsung Community and what made you active in the community?
If I don't remember wrong, I discovered the Samsung Community when I got my Galaxy S20 through the Member's app. In the beginning I only read but as more time went by I started to be more and more active and help people who had problems etc. Since then the forum has developed into being a place to be on, with different departments for photos, gaming, etc.

What are your passions?
Fishing is one of my passions; technology and helping people are some others. Then it may sound a bit cheesy but Samsung is a great passion for me and I have been a so-called fan boy since I was a test pilot for the old S4 LTE.

What are your top 3 favorite apps?
My number one app is undoubtedly Good Lock, you can almost do everything with that app.
On second place is Samsung's Member app, you get offers, information, support, community and much more in your pocket. On third place is Good Guardians app, where you can handle temperatures, keep track of the battery, boost your apps and much more.

What Samsung products would you like to use?
Oh there are many, if I had unlimited money I think everything would be Samsung in my household haha. But If I should be real, I look at a new Samsung TV, as mine starts to grow old and the smart in it is not so smart anymore haha. Then I looking for a new monitor for editing. Then I always want to be at the forefront in the technical world, so I'm relatively eager to change my Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE to a Watch 6 Classic LTE, and the Galaxy Tab S9 had not been wrong to have either.

Something you find fun/entertaining at the moment? It can be anything!
As i have mention, I love fishing, that’s both fun and entertaining. As I quickly mentioned in another question, I used to record Youtube videos. I am in the build-up phase to reboot that channel with tips and tricks, unboxing and reviews of Samsung products. Planning the build-up of it I think is extremely fun and entertaining. There are no videos on the channel yet and it will be in Swedish, but if you want to be the first to see the content, subscribe to "Let´s Talk Galaxy" with Nagarebozhi here

We hope you found this fun and learned something new - please leave any questions and a warm welcome below for @Nagarebozhi😄👇

/Emmi from The Community Team


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