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Location-based gaming and exploring the outdoors with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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Summer is finally here, with its warmer weather and longer days. So why not try to combine two great hobbies: gaming and spending time outdoors? Get off the couch and out into nature with your Samsung smartphone and turn your gaming into an exciting outdoor experience, a great way to get lots of fresh air and physical exercise.

Pokémon Go is probably one of the first things that comes in mind when you think about augmented reality gaming and outdoor activities. This GPS-based scavenger hunt leads players to search for digital Pokémon by going to different outdoor sites.

If you’re up for a run, then strap on your running shoes and get motivated with the audio adventure Zombies, Run! This game uses geolocation to move through the chapters in the story as you run. The sound of the undead following you hot on your heals makes it a great motivator, which can push you to achieve more and go even farther.

If you’re more of a walker than a runner, why not try The Walk. This fitness game makes you the main character of the thriller and combines step-tracking and minigames. Different scenarios and missions will motivate you to keep walking continuously.

So, try out one of these location-based games and get yourself out into nature! But be mindful of your surroundings during the game and look up from the screen so you don’t injure yourself!
And of course, don’t forget to connect your Samsung smartphone to your Samsung Galaxy Buds to enhance the audio-experience and really get you into the game.

For more fun geolocation games check out our explore section:

Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland



Do you have any favorite location-based games? Give us your best recommendations in the comments below!



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