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Write On PDF - suggestions for new features.

(Topic created on: 11-08-2022 11:56 AM)

Write On PDF is a great app, much better than Adobe Acrobat. It would be an even better app if the following features were added:-

  1. Ability to select font sizes smaller than 8, this is especially important since Roboto Condensed was removed in the July '22 update (along with several other fonts).
  2. Ability to use keyboard shortcuts e.g. <ctrl-C> for copy and <ctrl-P> for paste.
  3. Ability to edit files on external SD card. The July '22 update copies the file to internal storage but this may cause confusion when reopening file because it will seem as if all the edits have been lost of you open the original file on the SD card.
  4. Ability to use as a Standalone App by default.  Currently, Write On PDF has to be invoked via My Files, although it was possible to select Add Shortcut from menu once WriteOnPDF had been opened.

Hi @Zanussi ,


Cheers! 😊👍


We pitched these suggestions at our developers, and they've got back to us with:


1. Selecting font sizes smaller than 8: They will consider providing this option in the next model of the Samsung smartphone devices.


2. Use of keyboard shortcuts: They've contacted the app developer about this option, so it's possible it will be implemented in the future.


3. Edit files on external SD Card: They advised that file editing is is already possible on external SD card.


4. Use the app as standalone by default: They will keep monitoring the market to check if there are more users like yourself who would like this before considering implementing it.


Hi AntS,

1. It's good to hear that the smaller font sizes are being considered, even if it were only possible to add sizes 6 & 7 this would make a significant difference. 

2. I've recently found out that WriteOnPDF recognises the <ctrl> key on a physical keyboard.  It is only when using Samsung Keyboard that the <ctrl> key is greyed out.

3. I'm sorry to argue with you but WriteOnPDF will not write to files on an external SD card.

4. No probs, it's not a big issue for me.  It would be good to fix points 1 & 3 though.