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Unnecessary/Excessive apps on Samsung Devices

(Topic created on: 15-09-2020 05:03 AM)
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As a long time Samsung Member and user, I can say with full confidence that most customers do not want extra/duplicate apps on their phones. Not only does this create a confusing environment for the end user, but it takes up storage on the device unnecessarily. There should only be one version of the apps on the devices, either use Samsung apps, or Google apps. Please remove carrier bloatware as well. No one really wants Verizons texting app, or Tmobiles rewards program. This is completely useless for the vast majority of users and significantly degrades the user experience. When someone gets a new phone or tablet, the first thing they want to do after setting it up is use it, not go through the apps list and delete all of the unnecessary repeat apps and bloatware. This is one of the reasons many still prefer iPhone and iPad over Samsung devices. Simply put, Apple doesn't put up with excess apps that don't improve the user experience but rather tells the carriers and other third parties that if they want to have iPhones on their shelves, they have to follow Apples rules, not the other way around and Samsung really needs to take that approach when it comes to all of these apps. The devices Samsung makes are truly some of if not the best, but the lack of polish on the software side causes many to turn away from the devices.