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Stop OneDrive from prompting

(Topic created on: 22/12/20 22:48)
Mobile Apps & Services

Anyone know how to stop OneDrive from constantly asking me if I want to move to it? If I take photo's or screenshots I get this annoying pop-up! I've already asked Microsoft who say I need to speak to Samsung.


I've been down the route of disabling the app, stop notifications etc etc. I've even factory reset the phone and it still wont stop. You cant uninstall the app as it is now "built into" the phone.


Any advice appreciated



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Mobile Apps & Services

I just jumped through the hoops to login into my samsung account here to say my opinion. 


I am not even signed into my samsung account on my phone. I have never backed up photos to it. I am notble to disable the app or its notifications - samsung cloud. 


So i literally hate this *****. It is my 5th galaxy phone and I am very disapointed because of this ****** notification, besides others. 

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Mobile Apps & Services

Totally agree, I hate being forced to use some sort of cloud system, I have never signed up for Samsung Cloud or any other cloud service, why should we. Look what happened if we had of signed up to Samsung cloud, its being moved to someone else (onedrive) so we sign up to overdrive and then we will be told its moving to someone else then how do we know who else has access to our files, its just a way of getting us to buy more storage in the future. I used to own an Iphone and it drove me nuts that every time I took a photograph it appeared on my iPad and my mac....why?