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Still no PAL 25fps and 50fps video

(Topic created on: 20-02-2022 12:59 PM)
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It's 2022 now and the smartphone has just about taken over in favour of the traditional camcorder so nearly all amateur video is now shot using a smartphone, so why is it we still get no compatible frame rate for shooting video in the countries outside of the USA? When camcorders were sold in Europe and Everywhere else apart from North America, they were as PAL, meaning they could shoot at 25fps, to match the 50hz electrical grid so lights didn't flicker, but now we have switched to smartphone video, with seriously good cameras, we are being forced to shoot at 30fps, which causes lights to flicker in 50hz countries and is not compatible with the tv broadcast system. This makes what would be a perfect video look less perfect with the flicker. So with smartphone cameras now being even better than consumer camcorders why does Samsung still not offer 25fps? (and 50fps and 100fps) if offered the camera video would be perfect on the S22 series and it's predecessors. Sony and ios already do offer PAL video albeit only 25fps but its a start. But I find Samsung phones more fun that's why I want to stick with Samsung, but really need PAL frame rates. 3rd party apps don't produce true 25fps, lights still flicker in filmic pro even when set to 25fps not to mention, I want to use the native camera apps that come with the phone but at PAL frame rates. (before anyone corrects me regarding the term PAL, I am only referring to the frame rates, the term PAL, NTSC switching is still used on dslr cameras) 
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Yeah, what the hell Samsung, this is a flagship phone, how can you leave is out, I have to shoot with this around LED and lights in a 50htz system, this leads to flicker I can't believe there is no setting for this.