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(Topic created on: 20-09-2022 08:34 AM)
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Samsung a21s. I am having a serious problems with Spam emails (100+ daily) I just can't stop them.
I select the emails and send to Spam but this doesn't Block them. There is no other option on the phone except sending them to Spam. I have looked at Spam Blockers but they're expensive and extremely complicated to use. 
I just want a very simple Select Block never to be seen again. 
I have written to the Community before but with no answer yet. There just isn't a Block option on my phone.
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My only issues is constant sales emails from Samsung US.......I'm in UK!
Tried unsubscribe to them and makes no difference. They still come.
They are now marked junk and end up in spam folder but really p***** that samsung don't action the unsibscribe. It's been a month now.....
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Hi @Beeeman , in the Samsung e mail application the only real option is to Mark as Spam, thus future emails from unwanted sources should go straight to the Spam folder and can be deleted in bulk from there.  However sometimes the filter does not work as  intend,best to check the senders in case any trusted ones end up there. To delete in bulk see here

Gmail has a Mute option but similar as the emails will still be contained in a Folder.  Users are also able to Report Spam but whether that will result in desired action another matter. See more here 

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Download a program called Fairemail. It has a host of privacy functions , you can add multiple accounts to it and best of all, it has a great spam filter. If a spam email comes , you click mark as spam and you can block the sender , or the whole domain.

It may appear daunting at first as there's loads of customisation options but there are helpful guides online. Some features are subject to a one off Pro payment which, I think is around £10.

I paid for the pro within an hour of using the free version it was that good.

Read about it here