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Smart switch

(Topic created on: 23-07-2021 04:05 PM)
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Hi, I have a new note 20 ultra 5g. My old galaxy s7 stopped switching on and is still not back from being repaired. I assume I can safely "skip" the transfer of data stage on setup?? Or will that cause problems later on when my s7 is returned?

How far can I get in setting up my new phone without causing problems later?

Thank you!

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When your S7 is returned, it will be in an "as new" state - all data, settings, apps, etc will have been wiped. Hopefully, you made a backup before you sent it for repair.

Any data that you stored "in the cloud" should be retrievable, and should work if you transfer it to your new phone. In this instance, I would allow any data available at the setup stage to be installed.

Bear in mind that whenever a device goes in for a repair, everything stored on the handset is wiped, so ALWAYS do a backup! With Samsung, you can perform this backup to an sd card installed in the handset, as well as backing up to your PC, using Samsung Smart Switch, and also to Microsoft One Drive.