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Signing up for Samsung account won't send verification email

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I tried several times signing up for a Samsung account with my primary email address for my new S9 and it will not send a verification email. I signed up with an alternate Gmail account instead.


Now in my contacts, "My Phone" is linked to this rarely used Gmail account and cannot be changed. I logged into my Samsung account and tried to change the email to the correct one and it won't do that either because it won't send a verification email to my correct email address. For what it's worth, my correct email has a hyphen in it like:


How do I change the main user on my phone to actually be me instead of the alternate Gmail account I signed up with? I don't want this name showing up on caller ID.


If I delete my existing Samsung account and create a new one, I cannot sign up with the correct email because the verification email is never received (and yes, I checked my junk folder)




Edit to add: I've tried signing up on my PC from different browsers and get the same non result.

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