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Serial numbers

(Topic created on: 12-07-2020 07:33 AM)
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Hi. I have looked at my amazon account and it is saying I have a few devices linked to the account. The trouble is its only giving me serial numbers and I have no idea which devices they are as there are loads in my house and they could be old ones. How to i use a serial number to check what the device is?

Jodie mason
Helping Hand

With only the serial number i dont believe you can unless you know there manufacture and model. If you had the imei its possible but still difficult at times. You can locate the serial number on android by going in settings, about phone it will be at the top or in hardware information 

Like most electronics mobile devices have serial numbers assigned to them at the factory. In addition mobile phones also have IMEI numbers (short for"International Mobile Station Equipment Identity") that can be used to identify an individual handset. Somemobile phones also have electronic serial numbers(ESN) assigned to them by the Telecommunications

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