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Select Object from a photo and save as sticker not working perfectly

(Topic created on: 29-12-2023 04:40 AM)
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Dear Dev. Team,

Greetings of the day...

Thanks for the new feature to select objects from a picture and save as sticker. I have seen this option is working in iphone perfectly. In iphone, there will be a thick white border around the object which is saved as sticker. It can be sent in whatsapp as a sticker. But in S23 ultra, we can save as sticker but still we cannot send as sticker in whatsapp. It can be sent as picture only even though it is showing in sticker group in the keyboard. 

I hope you can make it perfect like ipnone so that we don't need to use a third party app.

All the very best and thank you in advance.. 

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If you go into the support section on the Samsung Members App You can leave feedback in there for developers to see.
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I have a similar problem.  >> anyone here know how to back up Keys Cafe (My Stickers) tags so that I can transfer to a new phone?

I need to know how to backup settings of GOOD LOCK / KEYS CAFE App? 

I am using a Samsung ZFLIP 5 and migrating to a new ZFLIP 5. I spent a week setting up the KEYS CAFE with specific tags on 100's of images that enables me to see pop up suggestions of memes in my text messages, and insert them easily. (LOVE KEYS CAFE!) and now that I am switching to a new phone, I need to know how to migrate those tags (app data) to a new phone? There does not seem to be any back up option?  

While I am on here, if anyone knows of any other predictive image type of app exists besides Keys Cafe (My Stickers)?  The big feature I need is the ability to type a word in my Samsung Messages app, such as "Thanks" and it will pop up a bunch of images which I have tagged with "#thanks"

I don't understand why that Samsung would allow people to "Tag" their photos, and then not allow those tagged photos to be used when text messaging with Samsung Messages?