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Samsung Notes not syncing on Windows 11

(Topic created on: 08-02-2023 08:04 PM)
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Title. I make university notes on my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and then when I have to do coursework/assignments, I use the Samsung Notes app on my Windows 11 laptop to use the notes, and the tablet to do my coursework/assignments. Ever since Monday of this week (6/2/23), I have been unable to sync any of my notes over from my tablet to my laptop. I have tried signing out and in again from Samsung Cloud, I have tried reinstalling Samsung Notes on my laptop (through the command prompt and command "winget install "Samsung Notes"") and I have even tried to get an auto clicker to keep clicking "Sync Now" for a couple hours to see if it would sync all my notes, to no avail. Is there any solution? I only switched to Samsung Notes from OneNote last September, because it had way more functionality on my Galaxy Tab, and this problem has only happened quite recently. Attached are screenshots of syncs from my Galaxy Tab (green text), and laptop (orange text). Thanks in advance for any help.laptoplaptoptablettablet

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I have the same problem too where I manage to sync the folder only without the notes in it. I hope they will fix this problem. I have been wating for  almost 2 years for them to fix but until today they dont even fix it.