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Samsung mobile video rotated on smart tv

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 02:31 PM)
First Poster

When I record video in portrait mode on my  Samsung phone and copy it to memory stick the video plays correctly on my PC but is rotated on my new UHD Philips TV by 90 degrees anticlockwise. I have taken this up with them but now it appears they have washed their hands of the problem and closed the case on me blaming it on the equipment I used to record. If i record in landscape with the record button on my left it plays correctly, if I record with the button on my right it is upside down on the TV.  I have only had this TV 2 months and have had a few problems with it. Incidentally all videos play ok on my Samsung TV in the bedroom which is probably 10 years old now. I tgot my daughter to send me a portrait video off her Samsung phone and that also played incorrectly. Is there anything I can edit to fix the video in the correct mode and has anyone else experienced this, I have used VLC to rotate the video, then it plays in the correct orientation BUT it is badly stretched horizontally to fill the screen. Finally they closed the case when I mentioned it cannot play avi files either, (although they were in low resolution (720p) and requested to communicate with a super technician or supervisor.    Edit: It plays incorrectly on iphone videos also, so not a Samsung problem.