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Samsung Members app - Error Reporting

(Topic created on: 01-05-2018 03:08 PM)





Hi guys!


When troubleshooting and other relevant guidance doesn't provide an answer, we might ask you to send an Error Report via the Samsung Members app. When doing so, you can send system log data. This process will help us provide the relevant support.


Check out this guide so we can help out as quickly as possible. 

1. Open the Samsung Members app.

If you've got an S8/S8+, S9/S9+ or the Note8, Samsung Members is preinstalled on your phone. You'll find this within the Samsung Apps folder. If it's not installed on your model, head to Galaxy Apps or Google Play and install it from there. 


If your phone screen looks something like this, you're in the right place.



 2. Select the Support Tab.

Head to Support and select the Send Feedback option. We'll then be able to help out with the selected device. You can also find lots of other useful features here, such as FAQs. It might be worth looking through these before sending feedback.




3. Select Error Reports.

Select Error Reports from the menu on-screen. You can also send our Support Team questions about anything Samsung related - our Support Team will respond ASAP. 


A message may appear on screen asking if you want to 'send the system log data'. You can choose to 'Always' or 'Just this time'. Remember, Error Reports will use data. Depending on your network plan, it's probably best to send this via Wi-Fi only.




4. Select the error type.

If you're experiencing problems with your device, choose the most relevant category displayed. If none of these are related to the issue, select Others.




5. Send system log data and enter a description.

It's really important that you include a detailed description of the issue. Tick the 'Send System Log Data' option on screen. You can also attach images from the Gallery, screenshots and audio files to support your query. 


If we've requested an Error Report on a Community thread, don't forget to include your Community Username within the description (eg: LiamH) - We'll need this to locate your Error Report.




6. Let us know you've sent an Error Report

If we've asked you to send an Error Report via Samsung Members, please let us know. We will then be able to provide further support quickly.

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First Poster

Good looks. I couldn't figure out why my storage has been dropping so much recently. Just checked, my Samsung Members App was using over 17 gb of it. I cleared the data and am back to normal.