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Samsung Members account on PC/laptop shows 5 products registered instead of 3 products

(Topic created on: 23-01-2020 03:52 PM)
Anonymous User
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Hi there


I wonder if anyone has had the following issue....  When I log into my Samsung Members account on a PC/laptop, my Samsung members account is showing 5 products registered in My Products but I really have 3 products registered.  If I delete the two products that are not correct, it will delete them but re-appear a short time later.  The two products have never been owned by myself but yet they keep re-appearing and I wondered if anyone knows how to resolve the issue.  I have been in contact with Samsung many times about this issue but keep getting messages to ring numbers which I have already rang and no-one at Samsung can seem to sort it out for me.  I think it may be a Samsung IT issue with the PC software or it could be that my Samsung Members account on the mobile is not syncing with the desktop software or my Samsung Members account.  The strange thing is that the two products that are not correct have the same serial numbers as the ones that are correct and that are in my possession, so it seems that someone has added these two incorrect products at Samsung for a reason and I would like to know why.  I hope that this can be resolved.  Thank you.  Tracey.

@Anonymous User: Have you checked to see whether the any of the products you do own have the correct serial numbers registered to them? Do the products that don't belong there have anything in common with your actual products? I would recommend reaching out to our Accounts Team on 0800 995 1079, as they would be best placed to shed some light on this for you.