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S20 + under warranty to be replaced - How to do this in Romania

(Topic created on: 17-02-2022 07:13 AM)
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This is the store that refuse to replace Samsung S20+ in waranty - SC Activ Invest SRL, Samsung Plaza Service, Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, no.

The phone was purchased in August 2021 (Samsung S20 +, about 4500 lei - 1000 Eur), but I went to the Service Representative because of where I bought it and where the service is. I didn't have the invoice and the guarantee, but at the first check by the dancers they said and acknowledged that it was bought from them and had a guarantee. I found a few days after the purchase that the on / off button does not work in the appropriate settings. We checked and found that certain Lots of these phones have manufacturing defects, which is logical for that phone to be de facto replaced, this being under warranty. In these conditions I stayed with him like this and on 12/22/2021 the phone stopped and did not start; then I went with him to the warranty to change it, and the surprise: They made a statement to him (tel being under warranty), on 21.12.2021 he stopped working and did not start in any way. The finding made by the dancers was made erroneous and biased. Once, I had to pay for the finding (proof in the attachment), and the second time they found that the phone was scratched broken and the on / off button hit - which is inadmissible and unreal (in the attachment you have proof and box). In this finding (from the attachment) they said that the motherboard is defective, display, battery, ... etc. which leads to an estimated cost of 2753 lei. Which is unacceptable given that the phone is under warranty and has been used correctly. I hereby request that you have: - operative control at the economic operator of verification and ascertainment and the criminal fine on the fact that this is the first time when such a thing happens. - the obligation to replace the object with a new one, as there are manufacturing defects and tel is under warranty. - thematic control for the last 3 years regarding the quality of services, the behavior of the staff, control to be carried out in the presence of an IT technician - my presence at your control to certify and correctly apply the legal provisions - I want a registration number of this petition in order to pursue its settlement. PS- I am at your disposal for any details that will shed light on those presented and detailed above, including making available to you the documents and the phone in question, as well as the availability to go to the field at the crime scene. Model Info:  Model Desc: Galaxy S20 + Model Name: SM-G985F / DS Model Number: SM-G985FZADEUE Warranty Status: Warranty End Estimated W Date: 30-04-2022 Production location: Korea SEC Production Date: 15-02-2020 Country: Europe Carrier: Factory Unlocked GSMA Blacklist Status: Clean


@Members_47lz13e: Please be aware that I have removed you device's serial and IMEI numbers from your post for data protection purposes. Our warranty is repair based, however in the event that a manufacturing defect is identified within 30 days of the purchase date, you do have the option of returning to the retailer/point of sale to discuss your options regarding a refund or replacement. After this period, if you report a fault to a Service Centre, then the assigned engineer will look to repair the device if it is viable to do so, which may result in a charge if the fault is determined to be the result of physical/liquid damage.