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Recent calls Sorting

(Topic created on: 04-07-2021 10:05 PM)
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owner of a Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

My catalog is sorted SURNAME -> NAME

My Recent calls are sorted NAME -> SURNAME and since android is not very smart to get that they should be sorted EXACTLY like my CONTACTS ...I was expecting to have an option to do it manually ...but of course i dont have an option to change it.

Same story with Whatsapp and Viber..they inherit a sorting of their own instead of the contact list. It is truly impossible to find a name if you have few thousands of them...can you imagine to have 150 Maria ... 230 Hellen ...70 Mark ..70-80 George etc 

Honestly i switched from iPhone after 12 years dont make me go back to it because your quality control is below average.

Is it honestly so hard to develop the class "Sorting" which you will call in every core app that can sort a list? arent your developers living in the year 2021 ? in 90s we were programming without there is technology. USE IT

Please provide me a solution for this problem