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"hidden" device settings

(Topic created on: 20-04-2022 09:10 AM)
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just had a chat with a service desk agent 
while it was a nice and friendly chat (thanks Jonas)

one of the problems was that (general) device setting seems to be hidden in a specific app 
( in this case notifications sounds hidden in an SMS app)
The same was true ( in Android 11) that the setting for emergency information was "hidden" in the contacts app.

I think these kind of settings should (at least also) be accessible from within the device settings app

are there more of these device settings you will not find in the device settings app?

a bit related:

another thing I find illogical., 
in the device settings app there is sometimes a menu icon (the three dots or three dashes above each other) it is better/ clearer/more logical/ easier to refer to

 remove the menu icons and replace it with a more/advanced options tab. 

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Some of this will be the actual Android platform and nothing to do with Samsung.
Though I agree about the 3 dots thing seems silly.
But I suppose for simplicity and ease of finding the main settings. Less used ones put in a subsection is better. But making it clearer for some not as tech savvy if you like, would be better
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@Flintstone  Fair point and ideally  settings  should be readily accessible but reason why only so many are put in the subsection.  It s a case of getting used to the navigation.

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