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Problem with Galaxy A51 setting up Google Play accounts

(Topic created on: 02-12-2022 09:22 PM)

I have a number of mobile devices running Android, one of which is a Galaxy A51 phone that I've had for a while, and it currently runs Android 12. Mostly it works OK except for a problem with my Google Play account.
My Google Play account in my Galaxy A51 is currently set up with a account which I'll call (not the actual account name). In principle this is working, but my problem is that I want to add another gmail account to Google Play (let's call it for the purpose of this post). 
So I go to look at my Google Play account and select option: "Add another account" with the intention of adding my account2. However, there's a problem because it displays "Checking Info..." on the screen and then asks me to verify my identity by either pressing a
fingerprint or Tap to use Passcode
to activate the process. This is the normal procedure I've set up for validating the running of apps on all my Android devices (including the Galaxy A51).
However the problem here on the A51 is that it flashes up these validation options so quickly (fraction of a second) that I'm unable to select either validation option before it times out thereby suggesting I've failed to validate. Strangely however, for all other apps on the device which need to be validated the
fingerprint or Tap to use Passcode
system works perfectly giving me adequate time by selecting either of the validation options. Similarly for all my other Android devices I can add another account to Google Play without any problem at all.

Can anyone suggest a way of overcoming this unique problem for my Galaxy A51?