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(Topic created on: 24-07-2023 11:51 PM)
Hi Samsung developers team.
I have 10 ideas as suggested features to be available in next version ONE UI 6.

1- samsung music.
I wish to have 2 new options in music app, first option control folders of music from music app it self without going to folder app. Second option has ability to cut small clip from song or music as same as gallery app with videos.

2- system app widgets.
Here if possible as ONE UI design, widgets can have same color of current theme in background.

3- mic and cam.
There is strange feature which is annoying.
When you off camera or microphone. After off microphone or camera it shows me directly
message as confirmation. In Oppo or Xiaomi if I off microphone or camera they off normally without
any message. I wish you can change this feature in next ONE UI 6 version because it doesn't make

4- call and mic
When I receive call, I can't answer it without turn on mic which is annoying for answering calls fast. It's perfect to have option to control mic and camera as privacy advantage, but I suggest to turn on mic automatically when user receive call then user can off it normally. Especially if user using smart watch will find difficulty to answer calls from smart watch because need to do 2 steps open phone then on mic

5- files style.
File icon design it's not looking professional style, specially in galaxy tab. If you see in Oppo and Xiaomi folder icons are similar Windows os or IPad style


6- Call block 
I suggest to have option to block unknown numbers and intentional numbers and private numbers

7- Notes app
Please make new notes shows in top not bottom, to let user experience easier and smoothly.

8- Apps Icons
I suggest to make apps icons bigger and more 3D style to be perfect with flagship galaxy device specially with galaxy tab.

9- Clipboard.
I suggest to have option to edit any texts from copied Clipboard. Also I wish to have special place to display and manage all my Clipboards as Folder or Note app, or maybe I can display and edit all my Clipboard in Notes app.

10- Video editor app
This app amazing for all videos features, but will be better if user can change easily and simply video extention from MP4 to MP3 as Xiaomi phones.
I have one just release the beta now that would be fantastic 😂🤣

Please allow and encourage 3rd party clipboard apps. They are so useful and all broken due to "security". Stop treating us like morons.