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New Fitness Activity Idea (Snow Shoveling)

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 08:40 PM)
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Hello people at Samsung,

I have an idea for a new fitness activity for the Samsung Health app. I would like to suggest that shoveling (particularly snow shoveling) should be added as one of the workouts that can be tracked. During the winter months this activity would be used almost as much as the walking activity. I feel a lot of people in the northern countries could benefit and relate to the addition of this activity. Thank you. 



 Someone who just finished shoveling their sidewalk in Saskatchewan Canada in December

Mobile Apps & Services
This is something I have been shouting about all the time...

What people do as health and fitness are very unique and personal

The user should be able to create his/her unique activitiy/activities and send the workout to the watch

If the activity is not available within the app, then user should be able to import from Google or from wherever.. And add it

Apple has it via 3rd party

Garmin has it within the native app

Samsung has nor 3rd party, and the native app is done by school boys who had never seen a Gym in their lives, sad but true

Thank for your suggestion 🙏👋

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I completely agree with adding a snow shoveling activity in Samsung Health. I live on a corner lot in Colorado Springs, which means I have almost three times the sidewalk that my neighbors have. Plus, the driveway and other walkways on my property. I looked for a snow shoveling activity while shoveling and wished there was one. Snow shoveling is a calorie-burning exercise no matter how long your driveway or sidewalk is. I would love to see this added to Samsung Health!