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Navbar not showing correctly

(Topic created on: 23-01-2024 01:20 PM)
First Poster

I wonder if someone can help m eon this issue I have with my S7 and later s range.

The issue I have is with one of my websites, the nav bar collapses off, but the names are dropped down of the bar. This only happened with the latest update of the browser on December I have checked the phone on different browsers, Firefox, chrome, google, and they appear correct it is just with the Samsung browser.

I deleted the updates on my phone and tried the site, and it worked fine, but as soon as I load the update it goes back.

I also have other sites with the same nav bar system and these are OK on my phone.

Could Samsung browser not cache my site, I have deleted the cache and website info all twice and the browser as well. Any help would be appreciated.

I have attached a screenshot of the issue with this site.Screenshot_20240121-171125_Firefox.jpgScreenshot_20240121-171004_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20240121-171125_Firefox.jpg