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MMS Video not playing S20 FE

(Topic created on: 25-03-2021 01:25 PM)
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I have reached out to my provider and no help so hopefully someone here can help!

I purchased my galaxy S20 FE from Tmobile about 4 months ago, and then switched to Verizon about 3 weeks ago. T-mobile does show the device unlocked, and with Verizon I have call/sms/internet capabilities. Here's the problem:

Since the unlocking and switching to Verizon, my MMS Video message are received as 2 texts - 1 is typically a still frame of the video, 1 is the full audio. I tried to trouble shoot with Verizon, and they had me download the Verizon messaging app - when I use this app I do get the video (mms) as expected, but as I told Verizon, I feel this is a bandaid over an issue that didn't start until we switched. 

Can anyone here help me?? Is it a setting on my device that may have malfunctioned? Possibly part of the recent updates?