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(Topic created on: 08-06-2024 06:52 PM)
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Hi. I have a Samsung galaxy tablet and recently bought the s23 ultra.. I have very worrying concerns that I am under surveillance. I don't use the tablet for about a month now, because I hear at least once a day when the camera or microphone turns on and after looking at the screen, the green badge of the running application disappears after half a second. Now I have exactly the same thing with my phone, several times a day someone turns on my microphone or camera remotely. There are two different sounds, so am I recognizes them perfectly. And as soon as I take my phone out of my pocket or pick up the stamp lying on the table, it disappears very quickly. Can you explain to me what's going on?

Why Samsung allow people to be invigilating?

I also have a POCO phone and a Mate 10 pro.. Both Chinese phones, however, I have never had such a problem with these two phones...

While writing this message on POCO, the microphone in the S23 ultra turned on!!

What is going on???

The same problem have my brother with iPhone.. He deleted all social accounts after when someone trying to login on his socials accounts from Russia... 


Hi, @Invigilating . That's very strange and, from what you've described, it would appear that an app (or some apps) that you've installed on your S23 Ultra might have access to your camera and microphone.

To check this, please open Settings > Security and privacy > Permissions used in the last 24 hours > Start > Review which apps have been using Camera and Microphone (separate permissions).

Additionally, I'd suggest going to Settings > Security and privacy > Camera > Review and change the permissions here.

Repeat the aforementioned step for the Microphone permission.

If you find any third-party apps using these permissions, you can change the permissions (as described above) or uninstall the apps.

Please let us know how you get on with these steps.