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How to verify my identity for Samsung Pay+ and receive my Curve card

(Topic created on: 11/05/21 19:17)
Mobile Apps & Services
Hi dear community,I have Samsung pay set up already with a valid bank card that's also my official transport card,but when I try to apply to set up Samsung pay+ and hopefully then receive my Curve card by post,it states that I have fullfilled the 5 basic criteria required and then the next step it tells myself that Samsung pay cannot verify my identity and I can either start the application yet again or contact customer service support,when I have tried to contact customer support they give me the run around and pass me from one department to the next and finely back to the start,I Google Curve to contact them direct as I was advised but there does not seem to be a direct phone number for Curve,so please if there are any people that can offer myself absolutely any sound advice on where or what I can or should try doing next to help myself obtain a Curve card,then I would be more than happy to hear back from you,
Yours most appropriately from ash mason,a Samsung galaxy S20 5G owner,many thanks and my kindest regards.