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How do I find & manage subscriptions in Galaxy Store

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 04:00 AM)
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Mobile Apps & Services
In Galaxy Store some Apps have a banner in the text saying 'Get exclusive benefits with your Galaxy' it's hit or miss if anywhere on the page it states what those benefits are. Either downloading the app will shed more light or a bit of a Google. 

Adobe Creative Cloud was unfortunately one of those and as I downloaded a few apps at the same time I can't remember the details of what was included nor how long the free trial is for! 

I have checked in every possible place on my Galaxy Store account including subscriptions which is empty, all the FAQ's, all the community questions, done the same in Samsung Members & all my emails. I've been through all the advertisements for Galaxy store & Samsung offers and there is nothing about the Creative Cloud offer I have. 

My Adobe account only shows the plan is free for me, no info when that ends only option to upgrade.  Adobe T&C's just briefly mention there is a trial offer for Galaxy Store downloads. 

Where do I find the information that I need please?