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Good Lock modules, feedback to devs? I would like to tweak three-button headset controls, and add a Menu nav button

(Topic created on: 23-05-2019 11:59 AM)

Does anyone know where user feedback can be sent to the devs of the actual Good Lock modules, as this seems to be more of a community chat area rather than a development forum?

I'd like to request the very obvious (albeit legacy) 'Menu' button as an option currently missing in NavStar - alongside some of the largely useless extra ones that they do provide. I've always had (or created) a physical menu button at the bottom of my phones, located where I can get at it quickly and easily with one hand, and I still have no intention of bowing to Google's trendy Material Design nonsense about Menus really being 'Overflow Lists' floating somewhere around the screen if you can find them.

Also, I'd like to see a new module to adjust physical button actions - particularly to use three-button cabled headsets for changing tracks/albums with MEDIA_NEXT and MEDIA_PREVIOUS events (as per many other non-Samsung devices) instead of altering the volume for which I already have perfectly usable buttons on the phone itself. It used to be really easy on my previous Samsung devices to simply edit the Generic.kl keyboard layout file (needs root) but it would be lovely to have a simple (and Pie-friendly) way to do it on my new Galaxy A70.

If those two options were available, I finally think I can live with a mobile device without rooting it, which would be a first for me.