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Game booster game tools app (block during game)add(pin app)Feature

(Topic created on: 05-08-2020 08:57 PM)
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We need to block the swip from up and left like in (pin app )feature…but we need it in game booster …so we need new feature in game booster to block all this swip and you can make us choice what side we want it not block
Some game have buttons on right up side it keep swip the stauts bar …the only way is use pin app …will be easy to use pin app from game booster


and i hope this slove the issue in( full screen Gestures )because even pin app not work to block the swip from right side when phone run game in wide screen

So please make it full block from all side like lock button on screen…or swip just from so small side we can select what size and side to unpin app