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Gallery Face recognition duplicates & mismatched - unable to reset or correct

(Topic created on: 17-11-2021 03:07 PM)
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I'm having some issues with the face-recognition in the Samsung Gallery app ( on S10), let me start of by saying I'm very happy the device does local image-recognition and it works reasonably well. I'm very happy I don't need to upload my photos to some cloud provider to get these kind of features.


I'm missing a few features though;

  • it seems pretty much impossible to reset whatever has been recognized (except by deleting the file probably), resetting cache & data for the Gallery app, or the CMHProvider (this seems to be the actual face recognition service) doesn't help.
  • why is there no explicit "scan now" button with progress indicator provided? There seems only to be some invisible background job


I'm also seeing these bugs:

  • The number of people tagged in the photo is inconsistent with the list  of "People" shown below
  • I have photos where the same person is tagged multiple times, sometimes with actual tags, sometimes with extra "?" question-marks
  • Sometimes completely unrelated photos are grouped, eg a photo a bearded men is grouped with a child and photo of a random woman
  • Screenshot_20200621-122348_Gallery.jpgA picture says more than a thousand words, so I've attached an example. As you can guess, I did not tag myself and I'm also not in this photo
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I was looking for discussions on this topic because I always had the same problem.

Unfortunately seems like this forums are just for show and no one reeds them or do anything about them.