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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing


Hi I use my galaxy watch with my asus Zenfone 5, and when i try to configure Samsung pay it starts a download on my smartphone, but when the download ends nothing happens and if i try to open the samsung pay page from the galaxy watch plug-in it starts again the Download.

Does anyone have had problems using this with non Samsung smartphones?

This issue can be solved in anyway?

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Alright, I am giving it a shot now. I just changed mine to XSA which I think is Australia


What code/country did you reset yours too and are you using a samsung device? Do I need to reset my samsung app? I just reset it, paried it to my phone and I dont have any option avaiable to setup samsung pay


Scratch that. I have got it working. I just had to restart the watcha and access samsung pay from the phones menu

@Joel61 I paired mine to my Samsung Galaxy S8, region to BTU (UK). The Samsung Pay app did not automatically appear on my watch, give it a minute or so, then restart. It should show uo on the galaxy wearable app just like how S-health is on the app. If not, it could be that Samsung Pay is not available in the region you've set it too


Here samsung pay is not showingHere samsung pay is not showing


Hi dinno, still i am not able to reset my watch to change the country. I am using one plus 3t. R u telling me to root my phone or watch... I am not getting clearly the procedure. If you dont mind can you please tel me watch model is shown below.please help me...

Watch serial noWatch serial no

This is th error i m getting if i install apk manualyThis is th error i m getting if i install apk manualy



As @Dinno101 said. You can see the informaion here:


You do NOT need root.
But this is how you do it.

1. So first, download SDBstarterKidv1 from the following link please:

WARNING: This will reset your watch, so make sure you back it up so you can restore it later.


2. Next make sure your watch is set up as follows:
- Debugging Mode turned ON
- Connect watch to WiFi and get its IP address (To find the IP address on Galaxy Watch: Settings > Connections > Wifi > Wifi Networks > [your network] > Scroll down to IP address)

3. Next, from SDBstarterKidv1 double click on 'install.bat'
4. From the subfolder data\tools double click on 'sdb.exe'

After noting IP address of the Galaxy Watch, Launch ‘Ansicon.exe’ from sdb_2.2.60_windows-64\data\tools

5. Type: sdb connect [IP of Galaxy Watch]

6. Look at Galaxy Watch, it will prompt you to accept a message
7. If you try the sdb connect [IP address] again, it will say "already connected". This means we are connected and good to continue.

8. Type: sdb shell and Enter

9. Copy Paste: launch_app and Enter


So this lets you change the region of the watch. Now for me I changed mine to Austrailia. The code for Austrailia is XSA

Once the watch is reset, pair it back up with your phone.


10. Once pared with your phone you will need to:
- Turn on developer mode again
- Turn on debugging mode
- Turn off the watch and turn it back on again.
- You may need to wait a few minutes.


11. Once you have done this, you can open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app and go to settings. When you scroll down you should see samsung pay.
If you dont see pay, hold down the back button (Top right button) on the watch till samsung pay opens up and follow the instuctions to set it up.

Enjoy your new watch with Samsung Pay enabled.

I also found with the XSA version, it has a lot of bug fixes too, like being able to control Spotify with the normal music app, instead of needing the dedicated spotify app, and a few other things too.

Hi Viki12774, no you won't need to root your phone, just read the thread from the XDA link and it should work. Don't forget to restart your watch after you've changed the region.
Hi I am always getting the below error. please explain me why i am getting this message. i have tried in all possible ways. error: failed to connect to remote target '192.XXX.X.XXX'. but please believe me i am typing my wifi address which is correct
FYI a newer APK is available at
I was notified about the update, but couldn't seem to update through the app... I downloaded the APK above to manually update the previous version.
Thank you very much for this! I was losing hope I can use samsung pay on my galaxy watch that i bought online on eglobalcentral which was from Spain. This totally worked just needed a restart on my watch after i turned on developer options.
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