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Galaxy S9 Gallery not functioning & Auto Transfer to OneDrive

(Topic created on: 15-02-2021 09:50 PM)

I have photos that I took with the phone. Some are stored on the HD, some are on the card. They used to interweave in Gallery, but now they don't.

The only thing that might have changed is I went to the Samsung Cloud, and have started to download photos. I am deleting photos after backing them up. The photos are all from my MS OS phone that I had before buying the Galaxy.

I know that Samsung Cloud's photo function is going away. I already had OneDrive (I had MS phone for many years), but I couldn't find "Link to OneDrive" under Cloud setting or Gallery Settings. I do have OneDrive and OneSync already on my phone. I can see the photos on the phone when I look at the HD. I can save them to my computer. But they don't show up in Gallery, or in a location that Gallery pulls from.
How do I get these photos re-integrated into Gallery? I'm not seeing anything that is "off" to turn "on."

Software Version is G960USQS3BRK3, and I have no desire to move it to OS 10.

Thanks in Advance!