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Galaxy S20 signal drops to 1x during calls

(Topic created on: 31-07-2021 03:59 AM)

When I make a call on my brand new, super high quality galaxy s20 plus... the service changes from "5G" to "1x" and my call quality drops to what I recall phone calls sounding like in the early 90s... this isn't ridiculous or absurd... this is 100% absolutely unacceptable.  I have been fortunate that none of these calls that have been ruined have been important.  This will not last forever and there may be a time that I need to make an emergency call that someone can't hear me if I sound like I'm on a Nokia brick phone that I was stupid enough to buy for $700...


This phone, the Galaxy S20+, is honestly useless as a phone...

Edit: I have done all the Advanced, HD, other network calling.  I have -101dB signal and full 5G... As SOON as I make a call it will drop to 1x...


Edit 2:  ok this is horsesh*t... ban me from the ***** forum I don't care... IN 2021 YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO ***** DISABLE/ENABLE JUST TO MAKE A PHONE CALL...


My problem is fixed until it breaks again and I will duck out of using Samsung in the future...