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conned into buying SmartThings

(Topic created on: 29-04-2021 03:07 PM)
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Any idea how to get my money back. I went to the App Store and downloaded Smart Things as opposed to SmartThings - for my washing machine. support say they cannot refund. The difference is a space and both appear to be affiliated with Samsung. It need the app for a washing machine not a Tv so it is redundant. After over an hour on the line they can’t connect the washing machine to the app anyway as my WiFi is patchy in the basement. help! The washing machine is just brilliant - could rave about that but the extra £20 is making me raving mad.

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Galaxy Store is very lax about app content and they don't have a refund policy like Google do either as you have now unfortunately found the hard way. The store is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. The only thing I would say is look very carefully at the app developer before downloading anything from it. If it says anything other than Samsung avoid the app. Use Google Play for all other non-Samsung apps because you do get a cooling off period during which you can get a refund if you fall into a similar trap in future
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HI @MrsCS  As far as I am aware there is only one  SmartThings app affiliated with Samsung, when I entered the space only the one app  appeared on  both Samsung and Google stores.  There used to be Smart View but that is no longer officially supported or available for download.   SmartThings works with washing machines and other devices as well as Tv's. There is  Samsung connect for some devices  I am not sure which app you downloaded  but certainly should not have been charged £20 for an official app. Agree with @antikythera  that you should check the App Developer.

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