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Change samsung pay location

(Topic created on: 25-09-2017 05:37 AM)
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I bought my phone in HK but I live in the UK and want to change the base to UK but don't know how. Help would be appreciated 

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You probbly can however the funds would be taken from your UAE account and youd be charged a conversion fee just like uaing your regular UAE card abroad so i wuldent advise it. If your moving to egypt perminantly youd be better trying to reflash your phone to the egyptian firmware (check on for which version/build you need) but if your bank in egypt dosent support samsung pay your out of luck.

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same here , i now have a canadian address and using my s8 from t-mobile us  and it wont let me put in my canadian address . Sad but i still havent been able to find a solution . So for now im using google pay and it works all the places i used to use samsung pay . Im actually likly how hustle free google pay is . might make it my default instead of struggling with samsung pay.


You can flash any Samsung phone by downloading your countries firmware and flashing it via Odin. I have Samsung phones from different countries and flash UK software to them all the time. 


This isn't for you if you don't feel confident with this type of thing. If your willing to give it a go and learn then use this guide to help BUT do your research on all these aspects involved, YouTube and XDA developers are a good place to start. 


It's worth noting that this will wipe all data on your phone....SO BACK UP YPUR DATA AND REMOVE YOUR SD CARDS. 


I would advise people to download network/provider firmware eg EE, O2, T-mobile or At&t as this will unlock features like wifi calling ect but it can sometimes lock your device to the network. This method can used to fix any software based problems or wiping malware viruses off your phone. So it's a good thing to know. 





Notes Before The Method

the cable you are using to connect to the pc should be the original charging cable. (If you don't have the original then use the one your using and see if it works)

Your phone needs to be at least at 60% battery.

Older phones sometimes don't work with newer versions of Odin so if this is happening download a older version.

If it's a new phone and you want to personalize it from scratch then no need to back up and restore any data.

Remove your SIM card to prevent it from being SIM locked to one network. ( I read it somewhere, not sure how true this is but I do it and seems to work)

After removing your memory card, plug it into your computer using a memory card extension and copy photos to your computer. Just in case the phone formats the memory card when entered back in to the phone, after the firmware is installed.


1. Go to Sammobile via Google chrome in incognito mode. (If you don't do this they will re-direct you to a sign up page, everytime you press download)

2. Download Firmware (by searching it using your model number eg SM-N960F for a Note 9, find it in your about device in setting), find this by picking the lastest firmware thats with your network and match the Baseband version or the last part of build number. (found in system info in the settings)

3. Install the latest version of Odin and install secondary device drivers on your pc/Laptop.

4. (On your mobile) back up your data in the samsung cloud.
Setting>Cloud and Accounts>Samsung Cloud>Backup settings> Back up.
If you have a memory card, move all your photos ect to it and remove it from your phone.

5. Go into setting and tap build number 7 times to unlock developer options. After unlocking it, enter developer options and enable usb debugging.
Setting>developer options>USB Debugging.

6. Once the firmware file has stopped downloading on your pc extract it and send it to your Downloads File.

7. Open Odin and load each part of firmware in the right box e.g. AP with AP, BL with BL, CSC with CSC ect (Do not load up Home CSC)

8. Before you plug your phone up to the computer. Turn your phone off and enter Odin mode(Download mode). Each device has a different way of doing this so just google how to do it on your specific samsung device.

9. Once your phone is in download mode plug it into the computer and press start. This should take a couple of minutes but some files may take longer.

10. Once the Odin confirms the process is done by showing the pass sign unplug your phone and turn it on. First time you turn it on May take a minute or two to load.

11. Enter your google email and password, and restore all your data on google.

12. Then enter your Samsung user and password, after that press restore and choose the date you backed up on before you flashed your phone (at point 4)

13. Enjoy all done.


Thanks for the detailed instructions, Owneboy89.


While this did work for previous Samsung devices (that's how I got Samsung Pay on my Galaxy S7 Edge to work properly), it didn't work on my Galaxy Note 9.


I have the OPTUS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F) from Australia. I did a full wipe and flashed the UAE (XSG) ROM. It did manage to get the updated software (Android Pie etc.) but the phone still boots up with the OPTUS splash screen and it still recognizes that it is an Australian device (prioritizing Australian English as the default language) and keeping the Samsung Pay Australia Framework.


There is another inconvenience I noticed after the update. The phone will no longer update via OTA. It always says "you already have the latest update" even if an update is available. SmartSwitch won't detect updates for it either, even if an update has been officially released. The only way to update my Note 9 now is to manually download the firmware and use Odin again.


By contrast, this never happened with my S7 Edge. As long as I flashed it with an official firmware it would update via OTA when the next release was available.


Anyway, coming back to the main topic; flashing the local firmware did not successfully localize Samsung Pay in the case of the Galaxy Note 9.

Options the note 9 running on exynos or Snapdragon. If your firmware runs traditionally on one but installed to another this could cause some issues. 


I have flashed my Note 9 from Saudi and it flashed fine. I haven't updated the phone yet as my provider hasnt released a update since I have flashed the phone. 


Might be worth a reflashing and seeing if that works....maybe wait a few updates and try again. Uninstall Samsung pay and install a British Samsung apk of the net


My Note 9 is an Exynos variant (SM-N960F). I made sure that I'm flashing it with an Exynos firmware (specifically the UAE XSG which is also for Exynos devices).


Ive flashed it several times with different versions. I've tried with the normal CSC (update) and the Home CSC (clean install)  It always yields the same result.


Interestingly, when I connect it to a PC and use Smarts witch software, it detects the phone with the UAE PDA/CSC but has OPS in brackets instead of XSG, indicating that it knows it's the Optus variant of the Note 9.


I bought my Galaxy S7 phone and Galaxy 46 mm watch in AU ebay and found out everything is working except SPay on the watch. My phone Spay is working in AU but no SPay app on my watch. Checked my Phone and it is built in UAE. Went to flush the ROM on my phone for AU region but my S7 is a dual SIM and there is no AU ROM for my phone on your link. Then I ended up at this site: and found the solution. My watch came from different region too! There are 3 letter codes showing this but you have to access the watch through WiFi and PC to see this and change it. I found out my watch had a TTT region code (Trinidad and Tobago)!?! You never know where the stuff comes from when you buy from e-Bay even when it is a local seller :winking-face: So following the instructions on the link I managed to change the code to my watch to AUT. After this watch reset itself and guess what! SPay installed  when I pressed the back button long. Software updated and I had to set the card again from scratch - but it WORKS! Lucky before I changed the region I backed up my watch to Samasung cloud so I got all my settings and faces back after the restore. Also I found ANZ Visa debit card works but Virgin VIsa Credit not supported by SPay. Hope this will help. 


Hi @Xessive 


Can you please go to Galaxy App Store, search for Samsung Pay and update to the latest? Your Samsung Pay or your Samsung Pay Framework is out of date - to be read was released before your device was launched and this is why you get this message.


In each software update, there is a version of Samsung Pay which may not be the latest released which may not cover latest released device, so you just need to update via Galaxy Store.




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Thanks @GeorgeC!
That issue has been resolved.
The real problem is the app being tied to a region based on a hardwired code rather by customer preference or geographic location.

I know my phone was from Australia but I live in the UAE and all the Samsung Pay content I get is only relevant to Australia. This would make sense if the device was bolted to the ground in Australia, but it's a "mobile" device! This feature is completely wasted if the software is going to restrict its usage to one location.

I love my Galaxy Note 9. It's a champ in all aspects but it gets held back by arbitrary software limitations.

Just an update. After changing my watch region to AUT (from TTT) I got the SP working but I also started getting some adds in german in my SP app on the phone. Searched on the net and found AUT is not Australia but Swiss code!!! Au code is SXA. Found it on:

Changed the code again, had to reinstall the app and visa card and now adds are on English. Payments were working on both AUT and SXA but it seams a bit quicker now. At the beginning after changing to SXA I had some problems paying in big retail shops and their machines were returning error messgaes: dual cards detected, payment aborted. Called Samsung and they told me to clear the cash on both apps and after that all working well. 
Love the watch.