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Capturing (fast) moving subjects issue

(Topic created on: 18-03-2024 04:50 PM)
Shana Moens

So I have my beautiful samsung galaxy s24 ultra queen for a couple of days now. In advance I already seen more than 50 youtube videos how to get the best out of it. I was a Huawei user for a very long time. First the huawei p20 and also the huawei p30pro. Both of them also really amazing camera experience but they're also incapable of taking pictures of my moving child indoors. Outdoors it performed a lot better, tho not always. Sadly two weeks ago my huawei p30pro stopped working properly because of softwares and hardware issues. 😰

I have searched the internet for the best phones of 2024 and best smartphone cameras for 2024. Most of the time, the new Samsung (launched end of January in Belgium) was the number one on the list.

I also immediately felt in love with it's design, honestly the most beautiful smartphone on the market for me. And oooh boy what a large screen 🤣 😍

Because I was a hobby photographer but had to quit because of my illnesses, obviously the camera on a phone still is so important for me. It will be always a passion of me.I know it will not be like my Nikon Camera obviously, but samsung advertised this camera as the dream for photographers on EVERY level.

Sadly, I did not expect that this new ultra queen have big issues capturing movement. Especially indoors. I still have to test it outdoors and hoping that will be no issue at all. As I said, I have a beautiful son, but he is very active 🥰

So an extra option/setting/mode to capture (fast) moving objects indoors and outdoors (especially indoors,it's impossible if my son is moving or dancing, even with little movements) would be necessary and I hope we can expect this with software updates. As I said, I did not expect this issue on this very expensive high end phone.

The Google smartphones and pixel smartphones are already capable of taking sharp pictures of very fast objects indoors and outdoors... On that area they're superior. But didn't samsung advertised it should be also possible with this phone? Yes.

And sadly many pet or children owners or really disappointed. Even in burst mode, or single take or taking a picture of a video/motion picture won't do it. I have tested it all, it is no option. The pictures or moved/blurred on the things that are moving.

I hope this can be fixed in the future with furthermore software updates. As a huawei p30pro user for many years I have to admit in general the camera of this phone + AI is a big upgrade so far. So far I have no further issues, but oooh boy, this phone is so versatile, has so many things I still have to discover and try. Possible next month I'm still not familiar with everything this phone has to offer 🤭😂

If somehow there are some other tricks or tips. You can always shoot. And people do you think that samsung will adress this issue?

Have a great day, greetings from Belgium.

Samsung Members Star ★
With kids you are better of shooting video in 4k the s24 ultra can shoot in 4k on all lenses now and then grab screen grabs from it depending on the lighting of your house.

If you know photography you can use pro mode and use a faster shutter speed etc manually.

There is also the option to download the camera assistant app which gives more functions like increasing the shutter speed on the normal camera app.

Obviously we all want click and shoot cameras but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Also the 12MP option is faster then the 50MP or 200MP.

Verdict: Just use video as they create more better memories then photos.

Link to apps you may wish to download
Samsung Members Star ★
Yeah I was going to suggest Pro mode if the indoor lighting is low
Nice fast shutter speed and adjust iso
I find going into camera assistant and turning off scene optimiser and putting quality optimisation on minimum helps speed things up