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Bixby Routines x audiobooks and music

(Topic created on: 15-09-2022 07:47 AM)
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Hello, this is a question/feature request regarding bixby routines x Audiobooks/Music apps

TL:DR: is it possible to setup a Routine in Bixby that mutes the phone when you stop listening to books/music?

Explanation: I have a mild degree of autism and one of my issues are sudden sounds from eg adds in games. I do, however, love music and especially audiobooks. The problem is that I'm easily distracted so usually I set a sleep timer on what ever I'm listening to, and then forget to turn down the sound on my phone resulting in me dropping the phone the next time I get scared when sound suddenly plays from adds or the like of it.

I have noticed a notification when an app is using camera or microphone. If the same could be done with speakers, it should be possible to use bixby routines?


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You can set a routine to set the media volume to 0 at a certain time or "while sleeping" or even create a shortcut on the home screen. Another, non-free option would be a cheap Bluetooth speaker / headphones (you can pick up either for about a tenner on the low end), the phone remembers the volume set for the output so if media volume is 0 before using a Bluetooth device it'll revert back to 0 once the device has been disconnected. Another, far FAR more complicated option would be home assistant, you could have it detect when music/audio is not playing then set the volume to 0 when it stops (you can also add far more conditions like when you're at home or when the phones on charge or even only when it's raining if you want, there's thousands of possible conditions!!). Also, now I think about it, I'm sure there's a way to set different volume levels for different apps, I can't remember how off hand though I'm afraidScreenshot_20220915_083229_Bixby Routines.jpg