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BBC Sounds Lock screen missing buttons

(Topic created on: 04-07-2020 10:36 AM)
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I recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy A5 to Samsung Galaxy S20.  After this, when i run BBC Sounds, app, the lock screen doesn't display the same controls as on my previous phone.  There was a -20s and +20s button to go back and forward when listening.  These dont appear on my S20.  Also, after i pause playing, when i revisit the screen, the phone lock screen is no longer showing the BBC Sounds controller, so i cant resume play.  I need to open the phone, navigate back to BBC Sounds and replay. 


I contacted BBC Sound sinitially.  They said   

"We've tried testing this on our end using an Android phone but we have been unable to; the playback controls remain on the lock screen as normal.

There will be some variations between various makes of device.

Having said that there are a number of similar reports online concerning a variety of different apps reporting the issue you have been experiencing, Craig. This seems to be specifically for Samsung.

It may be worth contacting Samsung to see if they can advise you further on this. I would think they would be able to advise better on the lock screen controls of their device. "

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Exactly the same problem with my Samsung S10e; the lock screen ceases to show the BBC Sounds app's controls.

Come on Samsung!  Let's have an answer.