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Anyview cast for A22 5g

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)


I have a Hisense tv and am looking for a decent anyview cast app to allow me to cast to it. Most seem to be scams with fake 5 star reviews (and a load of genuine 1 star reviews). 

My phone does not have smartview and smart things are only for Samsung tvs. 



Finding a reliable casting app for your Hisense TV can indeed be challenging, especially with many apps having questionable reviews. Here are some trustworthy options and alternative methods to help you cast from your phone to your Hisense TV using Anyview Cast:

### Recommended Casting Apps for Anyview Cast

1. **LocalCast**
- **Description:** LocalCast is a versatile app that supports various types of content, including videos, photos, and music. It works well with many smart TVs, including Hisense models with Anyview Cast.
- **Features:** Supports casting from your phone, cloud storage, and NAS. It’s user-friendly and widely trusted.
- **Download:** Available on [Google Play Store](

2. **Cast to TV**
- **Description:** This app is designed to cast videos, photos, and music to any DLNA device, including Hisense TVs. It’s straightforward to use and has a good reputation for reliability.
- **Features:** Supports casting local media, URL streaming, and more.
- **Download:** Available on [Google Play Store](

3. **BubbleUPnP**
- **Description:** BubbleUPnP is a powerful app that allows you to stream all kinds of media to your TV, including Anyview Cast on Hisense TVs.
- **Features:** Offers extensive media support, integration with cloud services, and more.
- **Download:** Available on [Google Play Store](

### Alternative Casting Methods

#### **Use Built-in Casting Features on Android**
- **Miracast Support:** Many Hisense TVs support Miracast. If your phone supports Miracast, you can use it to mirror your phone screen to your TV.
- **Steps:**
- Open the settings on your phone and look for *Cast* or *Screen mirroring*.
- Select your Hisense TV from the list of available devices.
- Follow the on-screen instructions to connect.

#### **Use Google Home App**
- **Description:** The Google Home app can cast your screen to your Hisense TV if it supports Google Cast or Chromecast.
- **Steps:**
- Download and open the [Google Home app](
- Tap on the device you want to cast to and select *Cast my screen*.

#### **Using HDMI Dongles**
- **Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick:** These devices offer reliable casting capabilities and support various apps and services.
- Plug the dongle into your TV and set it up via its respective app.
- Use the casting feature in apps like YouTube, Netflix, or even mirror your entire screen.

### Tips for a Better Casting Experience

1. **Ensure Network Stability**
- Make sure both your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network with a strong signal.

2. **Update Software**
- Ensure your TV firmware and phone OS are up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues.

3. **Avoid Third-Party Apps with Poor Reviews**
- Stick to well-reviewed apps and avoid those with inconsistent or suspicious reviews.

4. **Test with Different Devices**
- If possible, test casting with another device to rule out specific device issues.

These apps and methods should help you successfully cast content to your Hisense TV using Anyview Cast or alternative methods. If you encounter persistent issues, consulting Hisense support or looking into dedicated streaming devices like Chromecast might be beneficial.

Best regards,
Samsung Members Star ★
Unfortunately, I don't know of any. Noticed It's been 2 years since you last asked the question. Maybe it's time for an upgrade if it's something you really need. The newer mid range A series models have this feature built in (Smart View)
Thank Ethan, this is really helpful, and I will check these out. Thank you!
Thanks Robin, yes looks like that is the next step. My contract is in its final few months. My worry is that smart view will be outdated on the available models. Happy to have an older model, if it does what I want.

Getting a new phone is certainly better than the suggestion by Samsung to just buy a new TV!

Thanks for the response!