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Alarm not still going off when I oversleep

(Topic created on: 29-08-2022 03:00 AM)
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I have an s21 ultra. I have minor insomnia and only get around 4 hours of sleep a night.  I need my alarm to go off and to continue to go off.  If I oversleep the alarm isn't going off when I wake up.  How can I set the alarm to continue to go off until it actually wakes me up?


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Hi @Amellia_Mendel 


When I set an alarm in my Samsung Clock after selecting a time for the alarm to go off I then tap on the Snooze setting which can then be set to suite i.e forever.

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If you keep your finger pressed on the volume option on the pull down menu it will take you to more detailed volume options (see screenshot). You may have somehow turned down the volume alarm by accident?
Also maybe download an extreme (death metal, German hardcore techno etc) track to use as your alarm. Not the best way to start your day but it will definitely wake you up if just to turn off the ***** music.
Failing this you could download an alarm app? Hope some of this is helpful. ✌️ Screenshot_20220829-114031_Settings_146273_1661769631.jpg