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Galaxy Buds Live


Probably better posted in the Wearables forum on the UK side, but figured I may as well try here also.


Doing some remodeling at the moment, which led to this sequence of events.


Take dog for a walk in the rain, Come back home, Kids lets the dog in before I get him dry, Dog starts jumping on and drying himself on sofa, I give chase, Finally gets dog dry and sorted, Removes my Buds Live and put them back in their charging case, Start drying the sofa, Continue moving furniture around etc.


See, there in the middle, where I removed and put away my Buds Live? Yup. I was just a little distracted when that happened, so I have no idea where I put them. I've already looked EVERYWHERE, so they probably ended up in one of the bags going to the tip 😕


So, we're finally up to the question at hand, is there NO WAY AT ALL to activate the locate feature on the buds while they are locked away in their case? This seems like a huge oversight from Samsung's side. I dont know about you, but I'm way more likely to misplace the entire thing rather than just one of the buds. Sure, I understand there are battery logistics at work, but have the case wake up once an hour or whatever so the phone (if present) can still connect to it/them and make them chime/beep/ding.

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What a nightmare 😫 As far as I'm concerned there is no way to locate the case once the buds are in it and charging, because of the reasons you just stated. I will keep an eye open for you in the UK forum and will also check with my team for any tips, as well as take the feedback with me. Keep looking, got my fingers crossed they will show up!! 🤞


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Hey @emigrating 


I'm curious - did you find you Buds? 🤞🤞


Nope, they're gone. Dunno if they somehow ended up in the trash (although I did check both rubbish and recycling bags when I first lost them) or if the dog got hold of them and, well, chewed them to bits (although should have found evidence of that somewhere also).


So, I'm currently walking around with my phone's volume at 10 listening to The Sandman on Audible. If ppl think I'm weird, that's their prerogative 🤣


Sorry to hear they're gone 😫 But, volume 10 and The Sandman has to be a solution to a sad story if anything! Enjoy your weekend 👋


Oh, and I wanted to ask what you think of the buds anyway (apart from not being able to locate the case).. I am considering giving them to myself for Christmas. Are you happy with them? I will mostly use them for work and exercising 


That's a sneaky way of getting a free review out of me 🤣


So. I'm not a huge exercise nut, the most exercise I do is walking the dog. On average just over an hour a day split over two walks. At which time I listen to books, podcasts or music (pretty much anything, but I'm especially partial to old school hip hop and early nineties house music - but yeah, I'll also listen to Nicky Minaj, Nick Cave, Rage Against the Machine etc).


I've never had to listen using headphones while working as I've been fortunate enough to control the environment and music playing in my office but I'll come back to that.


I don't like things in my ears. It's alright for a short while but after prolonged use (about the length of a London-Oslo flight) it gets old very fast. "Sweaty" and itchy ear canals mostly, but also the feeling of listing to outside noise underwater or similar. I much prefer over-ear headphones if I can turn off completely from the outside world, but in public you just end up looking like a proper knobhead. Hence I tend to use that type when mowing the lawn on the ride-on for hours on end.


Which brings us to the Buds Live. They are friggin awesome. They don't go IN your ears, so I can wear them all day long without it bothering me. To be honest, I've come home quite a few times and left them in simply because I haven't noticed them. 


Sound quality is, okay. You don't get the deep bass and clarity you can with some others, but I feel this is the entire point of the Live model. You can listen, without feeling trapped underwater for hours on end and if you wear them in an office setting you can still converse with your colleagues without having to remove them from your ears first.


The ANC works, kind of. It's very subtle, and it won't remove people talking but if you have a noisy workstation or air conditioning unit in your office it will alleviate the low frequency "buzz" rather effectively. Wind noise as well is lost. Compared to the Buds+ for example you can run with these in a storm without getting the wind bothering you. 


The microphones are pretty ***** good. Did some, albeit limited, testing and I'd say they make you sound as good as the phone itself. You don't get the usual spesker-phone sound at all. They also pick up Bixby or Hey Google commands without issue.


Price wise, they are overpriced for what they are, but no more so than any of the other "airpods" on the market. Id also say these are better than any of the competition so while I personally feel they are expensive for what they are, they're good value relative to others. 


Battery life seems good. I've never ran out of juice yet and I've left them in for hours at a time. They also seem to recharge from the case rather quickly. 


I would have liked Samsung to include some kind of "find them even when locked in case and stashed away" feature though 🤣


Would i buy them again? Most definitely! 


Haha maybe that's what I was trying to do 😇 But wow didn't expect one this thorough!! 


I also love the idea of over ear headphones - but they never fit my head very well and always give me a headache. Which is why I'm considering these ones instead. And I think you've convinced me considering that review. Thank you, maybe a little Black Friday purchase for me 💃


Quick update, no, have still not found them, but did replace them with new ones and the difference in sound quality and especially noise cancellation between the two pairs are like night and day. I pass a couple streams on my daily dogwalks and whereas I would sometimes struggle to hear my books with the first pair, no such issues now - and the water thruput is higher now than before with a heavier thunderous sound. Awesome.


Sorry to hear they've not been found - but glad you are happy with the new ones! 😊

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